Frustration and Rewards

Last week was a novel week full of frustrations and rewards.  Monday through to Wednesday I had the chance to help Patrick discover the joys of SCUBA diving on a @PADI Open Water DIver Course.  I also had the good fortune to welcome back a fellow instructor, Jovi, after she had been on Easter Break back "ooop North".  Up until Wednesday all was going smoothly but Thursday morning - disaster.  It seems that Jovi had brought back some nasty little virus and thought the best thing to do with it was give it to me.  Got to admire her generosity.


Are you feeling the Dive Vibe?

Diving is a wonderful sport.  It combines technology, nature, skill, socialising and relaxation, not to mention being okay about wearing tight rubber outfits in public places.  When we teach scuba to new #diving students we arm them with the skills to be safe in the water, and engender our enthusiasm in our up and coming future divers.  One of the most important points we put across, and one that is readily forgotten, often as a result of peer pressure, is that it is okay not to dive. 

Did you ever have one of those days that just didn’t run smoothly, no matter what you were doing?  You may have woken up late, missed an appointment, dropped your lunch or spilled your tea over your boss.   Maybe you just wake up and don’t feel quite like yourself.  It happens to all of us.


The Great Reminder

Working as a @padi #scuba diving instructor at @cornish diving school is great.  The job is about transforming peoples lives through amazing experiences and acheivements.  It's always rewarding.  But even as satisfying as the job is, there are occasional memorable moments that rise above the normal day, and give you a real reminder of what is so special about this job.


A great start to the diving year

Well it's been 5 months since I passed my @padi instructor exams, and what a great time it's been. Despite being the cooler part of the year in the UK, the water has been great, made even better by the addition of an O-three drysuit.  Cornish Diving School has never been so busy with our highest ever student numbers for a the first 3 months in 2015.  Again remember this is when the water is at it's coldest, so these guys have been double tough.

Red Sea 2014

It's gonna be hard to write anything about a trip that is too breathtaking to describe.  I have to say firstly that Blue O2 and, more importantly, the Crew of M/Y Red Sea Adventurer were amazing.  They really helped to make the whole experience one to remember.  On top of that, all the boat's guests where a delight too.