Scuba Diving: Team and Personal Development

scuba divers sitting on pool edge At some point in your life you will have known someone into adventurous or "extreme" sports. What are the chances that at some point you have said something along the lines of "You will never catch me doing that!" or "Are you crazy? you're going to get hurt!" In reality you may be missing out on a brilliant opportunity that could have a positive impact on personal and team development.

Agile - it's a team thing

I have had the fortune to work on a number of Agile projects with a number of different clients and employees. I have also had the opportunity to hear some "interesting" interpretations of what Agile is.  Some of these have brought a smile to my face.  Others - not so much.

F1 Harking to the sad days of racing before safety?

#f1 - wow - this is a strongly worded article from Gary Anderson. Clearly he is echoing the concerns of many of us who remember the terrible and fatal accidents of the 70's and 80's. It seems shocking that a the nature of the tyre failure is so dangerous. At least, however, Pirelli are looking to do something to solve the problem.

Flaming Social Networks

Social media in general is becoming a vastly important method for businesses to convey their attitude to customers. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the way a business handles negative comments. It's a common theme whereby a frustrated or angry customer complains publicly about a company, only to receive either a flippant response, or worse, no response whatsoever.   But at what point do you drop an increasingly inflammatory argument?